Captain Steve Cook

Steve has lived in Colorado for 42 years and has apparently been rafting for 43 of those. He is the head boss in our boat barn and says there is, “no such thing as off season.” He can’t pick a favorite river stretch since he hasn’t done them all, but he loves being a guide and meeting new, exciting people.

Scott Corgan

Scott is from California where he worked as a Hollywood Stuntman – no joke! Search him on IMDb.com. For the last 7 years, however, Scott has been working for Rimrock as a raft guide. When he isn’t enjoying trips down Westwater Canyon he is hanging out on a stand-up paddle board with his homies. He has four awesome kids and thinks Fruita is an, “amazing place to live.”

Jake Bowers

Jake has lived in Colorado for 26 years and enjoys sliding down large hills in the off-season, a.k.a. skiing at Powderhorn Mountain Resort. Before he became a raft guide for Rimrock he was a bartender, construction worker and worked in forestry. He describes the Fruita area as, “a mecca of outdoor awesomeness.”

Austin Roberts

Austin is our newest guide at Rimrock Adventures! He grew up in Louisville, Colorado. After high school, Austin pitched for Trinidad State Junior College where he threw 17 perfect games within his collegiate baseball career. This December, he will be graduating from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in business management. In his free time, Austin likes to ski, raft, camp, climb, and hike.

Brian Adams

Brian is "The Family Man" with six kids who all eagerly await the return of rafting season during the winter months. Before he came to Rimrock, he was a member of the corporate automotive industry. Obviously, he enjoys the heavy lifting of the rafting business much more.

Jim Cook

Jim is Steve's dad. He is the original "Captain Cook." Besides being the "boss's" boss, Jim also is a talented photographer. He has captured some of the most exciting moments from our whitewater trips. One of his photographs was even featured in, Flipped Out for Grand Canyon, a book compiled of hundreds of whitewater and scenic shots from within the Grand Canyon.

Gwendolyn Reed

Gwendolyn, a.k.a. Gwen, was born in Prescott, Arizona. Colorado has been her home for the past 20 years; 10 of which were spent in Telluride as a Ski Bum. She retired as a firefighter and paramedic to follow her passion as a boatwoman. If you are searching for a personal trainer, Gwen is your girl. Out of all the exciting jobs she has done, her favorite job is being a mother to her 5-year-old daughter, Sage.

Paul "Smitty" Smith

Smitty never has a bad day. His positive attitude brings light to our company! After suffering from a hamstring injury 4 years ago, Smitty retired from his body building career and decided to invest his energy into what makes him happiest: sharing his passion for the river. If you are ever looking for a good laugh, ask Smitty about his trip down Westwater Canyon in a paddle raft.